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    Do you want to see your applications in the top rankings on iStore? Popularity of application amongst the users contributes to top rankings. Popularity is directly proportional to the application quality, performance, user experience and functionality. Get your application tested by the experts who judge it on an extensive list of scenarios that you otherwise ignore.

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    We are available to support you in your immediate needs. Our staff is dedicated and trained to support you for any technical, sales or business queries. Please email us at support[at] We will respond to you within 24 hours.

  • Sample Report

    We have a standard reporting methodology covering all the aspects including functionality, performance, compatibility, user experience etc. Please see the attached file.

Parameters you really need to test
We have covered everything
  • End User Experience
    Functional Flow, Usability, Performance, Installation, Localization, Reliability
  • Hardware
    Compatibility, Interoperability, Battery Consumption, Security, Memory Leaks
  • Operating System
    OS Compatibility, Security, GUI Behavior
  • Application Adaptability
    Multitasking, Physical Movements, Screen Orientation, Environmental Effects, Physical Resources
  • Communication Media
    Communication Channels Profiles, Security, Data transfer / Synchronization